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Keshav Mohta

Typescript Mapped Type

/ 2 min read

mapped type use case in typescript

recently one of my friend asked me interesting question about typescript.

const arrA = ["one", "two"] as const;
const a: typeof arrA[number] = "one"; // assigning "One" throw error which is fine
const b: typeof arrA[number] = "two";

now he wants to create a new type which have same keys but with capital like below

const arrB = ["One", "Two"] as const;
const a: typeof arrB[number] = "One"; // "one" should throw error
const b: typeof arrB[number] = "Two";

here are my trials

Trial 1 ❌

using javascript map method ato capitalize the each key and then create new type based on it

const arrB = [ => e[0].toUpperCase + e.slice(1))] as const;
type B = typeof arrB[number];
const b: B = "One";

but problem with this approach is that now we can assign any value to B type because B become string type because using .map method ( my guess )

Trial 2 ❌

tried using Mapped type and one interesting example with helps of template literal type and inbuilt Capitalize method was given on typescript official website so takeing that reference tried

type CapitalKey<Type extends string> = {
[Key in keyof Type as `${Capitalize<Key & string>}`]: Type[Key];
type Caps = CapitalKey<typeof arrA[number]>;
const b2: Caps = "One"; // but it gives error and possible value can be 'one' or 'two' only

Trial 3 ✅

now we use it simpler way using Capitalize method

const arrA = ["one", "two"] as const;
type Lower = typeof arrA[number];
type CapitalKey<Type extends string> = Capitalize<Type>;
type Upper = CapitalKey<Lower>;

and this works exactly what we want

// works with lower key only
const a1: Lower = "one";
const b1: Lower = "two";
// works with capital key only
const a2: Upper = "One";
const b2: Upper = "Two";

Note: this template literal type and Capitalize methods works with TypeScript v 4.1 and higher


typescript playground link for the same